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Why Branded Content?

Imagine you have two neighbors. Every day, when you come home from work, you see the first neighbor waiting on their driveway, anxious to speak to you. They take great strides to hold your attention, peppering you with inane banter about the weather and "needing the rain" as you politely try to extract yourself from the conversation and get inside your house.  They block your path, making it hard to get inside, while they continue to force chatter upon you.

Your neighbor on the other side is a spy. They are rarely home, but when they are, you are regaled with captivating stories about their travels and the intrigue and excitement of their world. You can't wait to see them again and hear more stories of peril, adventure and triumph.

One of these neighbors is Advertising - interrupting your day to force lists of features upon you.

The other is Branded Entertainment - telling captivating, memorable stories, that you actually enjoy. 


This is an example of branded storytelling... about branded storytelling. By connecting the reader to the message, through relatable story elements, the message binds.


Branded - Why?

Marketing - How?


Branded - Loyalty

Marketing - Response


Branded - Creates Value

Marketing - Extracts Value


Branded - Long Term

Marketing - Short Term


Branded - Wide

Marketing - Narrow


Branded - Being

Marketing - Doing

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